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mp3s to ipad

Need Help With Downloading your Subliminal Mind Priming MP3 Tracks to Your iPad?

(This page has opened in a new window tab to keep the download page open for you)

Some readers have been in touch asking for help with downloading the mp3 tracks to their iPads.

I have to be clear from the outset that I am not technical in these matters but I have found a solution that may work for you.  Unfortunately, Apple have now changed their policies and you can no longer download mp3s from 3rd party websites (like this) to iTunes.

If you only have an iPad as your main computer, then here is what I have found to be the best way to download direct to your iPad.

Downloading MP3s to iPad

Step-by-step guide:

1) Click on App Store within your iPad

2) In the search box, type "Documents 5"

3) Install "Documents 5 - Fast PDF reader, media player and download manager" by Readdle.  Please note this is a FREE app.

4) Once downloaded, open the Documents 5 app

5) Click on "Browser" on the side navigation bar within the Documents 5 app

6) In the browser window at the top, type the Prime Your Mind secret URL web address for the MP3 download page found in your book, e.g.

7)Press "go"

8) Now you should arrive on the download page. 

9) Click and hold the link of the mp3 you wish to download which will open a box with 3 options.

10) Click on the option "Download link" which will open a new box with the song title.  Press "DONE". This will start your download (and may take a few minutes to download depending on your internet speed).

11) On the side navigation bar you will see an option for "Documents".  Click on this and you will find all your downloads in a folder titled "Downloads".

To play your audio mp3 track all you need to do is click on the track and it will start.  Remember to use headphones when listening for best results.

NOTE: This section was added to help users who own iPads as their sole computer.  We are not affiliated with Readdle and are not to be held responsible for any problems which may arise from using their software.  As technology changes and Apple make updates to the iPad we will do our best to update this section.  However, as I do not personally own an iPad, you are currently more tech savvy than me so I would urge you to research any alternative mp3 download apps! And do please let us know if this method no longer works or if you find an alternative which is even better so I can share it with other mind primers.

Enjoy your subliminal mind priming and I wish you every success!