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Want Money? Friends? Health? 

building mind power ben sweetland

The Power of Accomplishment Can Be Yours!
(And, For FREE!)

Whether you desire a greater income, a fine new home, better working conditions, happiness in marriage, or better health, Dr. Ben Sweetland, famous writer, lecturer and consulting psychologist, offers you a helping hand.

ben sweetlandWith his magic formula for personal accomplishment you can win success by working less hard than you do now and in a lot less time.

You can push obstacles aside - and accomplish your fondest dreams and ambitions.

Do You Have The Will To Fail
Or Succeed?

Double your income, your capability, your happiness!

All this and more is yours when you take Ben Sweetland's course "Building Mind Power".  This remarkable success system helps you hurdle the road-blocks that stand in the way of golden achievement for you. 

grow rich while you sleepExperience for yourself how Ben Sweetland's method builds within your subconscious the infallible power and habit of positive thinking... the true cornerstone for attaining the earnings, respect, and success you've always wanted.

This complete success course contains 22 lectures on the principles of creative psychology. 

You will receive a new pdf module each week giving you time to absorb the powerful principles and apply them to your life. 

Just let me know your best email to send them to.  There is no charge and no catch - you can stop at anytime.

Simply fill out the form below and I'll send your first module immediately so you can begin making your dreams of the past a reality. . .

* I HATE spam and you won't get any from me. I will never, ever, ever give your email address to anyone else. I may only send you the Building Mind Power modules and occasional updates on my Mind Primes books. This course is sent completely FREE and you can opt-out and have your name removed from my personal list at anytime, for any reason, immediately and without hassle. But I think you're going to like hearing from me once in a while...